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Feeeed: a glimpse of the future

If you were wondering what the future holds, then maybe it looks something like Feeeed’s timeline. Feeeed is designed by Nate Parrot, who joined the Browser Company in 2020. The company is behind Arc, one of the next generation of browsers. 

Feeeed allows users to subscribe to almost anything, whether it’s sourced from RSS, Mastodon, Gmail, Reddit, YouTube, Tumblr, TikTok or Substack. This list is far from exhaustive. Alternatively, you can import a list of feeds from an OPML file. 

As an example, to subscribe to someone’s Mastodon feed you simply add this:

The result is a personalised ‘Home’ timeline, much like the ‘Today’ feed in your reader, that brings together news from a variety of sources, curated by you, for you.

Feeeed is currently free to use from the App Store but there’s only an iPhone version at present. 

I will continue to use NetNewsWire as my reader, because I’m so used to it and it offers a better choice of typography through its various themes.